One of Canada’s most prolific and exciting guitarists, Steve Hill has recorded the much anticipated follow-up to his JUNO nominated Solo Recordings Volume 1, which also won album of the year at the International Blues Challenge in 2013. Solo Recordings Volume 2 is a step up for Hill, embracing his roots and showcasing his talents and love of blues music even further. Solo Recordings Volume 2 and its predecessor was recorded live in the studio with Hill not only on guitar and vocals, but also on bass drum, hi-hat, shakers and whatever he can do with his feet at the same time.

Featuring tracks that are heavy and hard hitting, deep and melodic, Hill manages to nail a wide rage of emotions with his songwriting and masterful guitar playing. With eight original songs and three covers, including Little Walter’s “Hate To See You Go”, Muddy Water’s “I Want You To Love Me” and Ray Bonneville’s “Simple Things”, Solo Recordings Volume 2 is sure to please the most discerning blues lovers and music fans in general. This incredible release proves why the Montreal Gazette called Hill “the meanest guitar player in Canada” and why Vancouver’s Real Blues Magazine has referred to him as “the best young Blues guitar player in North America.”

About Steve Hill

For the past 20 years Steve Hill has been touring and recording and has shared the stage with many of his heroes like Ray Charles, BB King, ZZ Top, Jimmie Vaughan, Hubert Sumlin, Jeff Beck and many others. Over the course of eight albums he’s explored everything from Hard-Rock, Country, Stoner Rock to Folk music while always incorporating the essence of his first love, the Blues.

“ The meanest guitar player in Canada ”

BB Burnett / The Hour


  Song name Time  
1 Still Got It Bad 04:55 Buy on iTunes
2 Slim Chance 03:03 Buy on iTunes
3 Tough Luck 04:06 Buy on iTunes
4 The Collector 03:45 Buy on iTunes
5 Never Is Such a Long Time 04:30 Buy on iTunes
6 Hate to See You Go 04:41 Buy on iTunes
7 Better 04:24 Buy on iTunes
8 Simple Things 04:52 Buy on iTunes
9 I Want You to Love Me 04:23 Buy on iTunes
10 Go On 03:58 Buy on iTunes
11 Long Road 04:05 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Money (That's What I Want) 03:23 Buy on iTunes
2 Nothing New 04:08 Buy on iTunes
3 Long Road 04:05 Buy on iTunes
4 Go On 03:58 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Ever Changing World 03:50 Buy on iTunes
2 Love Got Us Blind 03:18 Buy on iTunes
3 Out of Phase 04:10 Buy on iTunes
4 Honey Bee 03:24 Buy on iTunes
5 Comin' Back To You 02:47 Buy on iTunes
6 King of the World 04:29 Buy on iTunes
7 Politician 03:04 Buy on iTunes
8 Gotta be Strong and Carry On 02:53 Buy on iTunes
9 Ain't Wastin' Time No More 03:58 Buy on iTunes
10 The ballad of Johnny Wabo 03:43 Buy on iTunes
11 Preachin Blues 03:09 Buy on iTunes
12 Granted 04:52 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 It Ain't Cool 03:48 Buy on iTunes
2 Goodbye Sunshine 04:39 Buy on iTunes
3 Cold Hearts 03:28 Buy on iTunes
4 Whiplash Love 03:43 Buy on iTunes
5 I'll Walk 04:05 Buy on iTunes
6 Running Out of Time 03:58 Buy on iTunes
7 Burnt 03:52 Buy on iTunes
8 I Fall for You 04:10 Buy on iTunes
9 Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line 03:27 Buy on iTunes
10 Let's Get Back Together 03:50 Buy on iTunes
11 Judgment Day 07:05 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 The One 04:14
2 Who Do You Think You Are 03:12
3 Lost Woman 02:56
4 Up Jumped the Devil 03:06
5 Too Much Pressure 04:16
6 Give Your Woman What She Wants 02:50
7 I'm Dying for You 04:10
8 Sarah-Sue 06:01
9 The Mighty 03:17
10 The Terrible One 04:04
11 I'll Be Around 05:25
12 Going Down 03:15
13 The Fire Down Below 06:54
  Song name Time  
1 NASA Made 03:19 Buy on iTunes
2 Devil at My Heels 03:31 Buy on iTunes
3 Gotta Be Strong 03:04 Buy on iTunes
4 Control 03:41 Buy on iTunes
5 Even 04:30 Buy on iTunes
6 Long Road 02:37 Buy on iTunes
7 Roll Away the Stone 03:09 Buy on iTunes
8 Phoenix 01:10 Buy on iTunes
9 Make It Clear 05:48 Buy on iTunes
10 Get Over You 03:55 Buy on iTunes
11 Happy Face 05:21 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Bad Boy (featuring Heavy T) 04:09 Buy on iTunes
2 Run 04:21 Buy on iTunes
3 Home 04:42 Buy on iTunes
4 No Can Do 04:22 Buy on iTunes
5 One Woman Man 04:37 Buy on iTunes
6 Faster 04:30 Buy on iTunes
7 The Fall Of The One & Only John Doe 02:08 Buy on iTunes
8 Les Eaux troubles 04:28 Buy on iTunes
9 Chasin' The Hidden Dragon 03:49 Buy on iTunes
10 Open Your Eyes 03:39 Buy on iTunes
11 Irréparables erreurs 03:34 Buy on iTunes
12 Just Have To Ask 05:06 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Sizzlin’ 03:05
2 Top Forty 02:29
3 You Can Trust Me Now 03:36
4 Patient Man 04:41
5 Overqualified 04:52
6 Darkest Hour 03:37
7 Slave 05:50
8 Wanna Holler 04:07
9 Whooo! 03:09
10 What a Life 02:50
11 Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You 04:03
12 Wait on Time (Live Bonus Track) 05:17
  Song name Time  
1 Hit the Bee Flat 02:10
2 Way Down Below 05:06
3 Simple Things 04:52
4 Blues Guitar Man 03:38
5 Belvedere Heights 01:33
6 So Long, Farewell, Goodbye 04:17
7 Peace of Mind (intro) 01:41
8 Peace of Mind 05:21
9 I’m a King Bee 04:20
10 Waiting for You 04:44
11 Clearwater 04:27


November 6, 2014 MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE 2015

Steve Hill will be at MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE 2015. He’s a Guitar Hero who ranks among the most knockout-impressive performers in La Belle Province. The proof? This solo concert in which he’ll blow minds with his habitual wicked guitar licks, playing drums and percussion with his feet, blowing harmonica and playing a cymbal with a...

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October 31, 2014 Nominated for the Maple Blues Awards

Steve Hill has been nominated four times for the Maple Blues Awards. Read article on Toronto Blues Society here » List of nominees »

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October 23, 2014 Flying Solo – Vue Weekly

Think of the components that make up most bands: a guitar or two, a bass, drums, vocals. Now imagine playing those by yourself all at once, plus a harmonica. That’s what Steve Hill does each and every night. “I have a bass drum, a snare, a hi-hat that I play with my feet, and I...

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October 6, 2014 Northern Life: ‘One-man band’ set to play The Townehouse

“One-man band” Steve Hill is set to make a stop at The Townehouse Oct. 16 as part of a tour of Canada in support of his latest album, “Solo Recordings Volume 2.” “When it comes to one-man bands, guitarist and singer extraordinaire Steve Hill has no limits,” a press release said. “Throughout his lengthy and...

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August 10, 2014 Wasser Prawda: Solo recordings volume II

This album review is in german.

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August 10, 2014 United State of Music: Solo Recordings Volume II Album Review

Steve Hill’s Solo Recordings, Volume 2 is tantalizing. With seductive, smokey guitars and mesmerizing vocals, Hill’s music ensnares the senses with powerful arrangements and instrumentation. After 20 years of making music from his home base in Canada, Hill has globalized his captivating take on the genre of blues rock. Hill’s music has depth, and is...

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June 27, 2014 Rust Magazine: Solo Recordings Volume 2 review

The operative word when talking about scorchingly hot blues guitarist Steve Hill is Heavy. Not necessarily heavy like heavy metal, but more in the sense that there is a weight to everything he does. There is a density… a mass, and a gravity that means that what he does carries significant, weight and relevance. His...

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June 23, 2014 Bob Mersereau reviews Solo Recording Vol. 2

Montreal’s Hill is redefining blues, taking it forward and back all at once.  Back to the days of one-man operations, doing it all himself, and taking that forward with up-to-date electric heaviness.  2012 saw him start a new journey with Solo Recordings Vol. 1, stripping it all back to a one-on-one experience with the songs...

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Upcoming Shows

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