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December 14, 2022 Dear Illusion Review on Rock & Blues Muse

Juno Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and one-man-band Steve Hill rocks out all over his new record Dear Illusion. The set is out on No Label Records and finds the unstoppable Hill getting down on a fresh set of material that was originally supposed to come out in April of 2020 but Covid put a stop to...

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December 14, 2022 Dear Illusion review on Maximum Volume Music

I’ve been a Steve Hill fan for years, but I’ve only seen him once. Back in the spring of 2018 the Ontario native opened for King King. Upon watching his show I wrote on these pages: “Steve Hill is better than good. He’s something more like a force of nature. Resistance at this point is...

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December 14, 2022 Dear Illusion review on Fabrications HQ

Canadian musician Steve Hill has, over the last ten years, made a multiple Maple and Juno award winning name for himself as a one-man-blues-rock-band via his multi-instrumentation solo shows, three acclaimed & notable Solo Recordings albums and a live release that captured the essence and energy of his performances. More lately however a pseudo-cinematic side...

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December 14, 2022 Dear Illusion review on Velvet Thunder

There’s no doubt about it, watching Steve Hill play is mesmerising. Like most hot-shot axe-slingers, he started off playing guitar in a blues band at home in Canada, although he can get a tune or a rhythm out of almost anything that can be plucked, blown or hit. When he went solo, he went all...

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December 14, 2022 Louder Sound: Best new rock song

For years this Canadian singer/guitarist was known for his blues rock one-man band antics. For latest album Dear Illusion he teamed up with a horn section, reaping this toe-tapping, 70s-fried earworm that fans of Whiskey Myers and The Sheepdogs should get a kick out of. “It took me a long time to finish,” says Steve....

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September 20, 2022 Fireworks Magazine’s 100th Anniversary Issue

Steve Hill review of Dear Illusion in Fireworks Magazine

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August 25, 2022 Dear Illusion Review + Interview in Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine recently interviewed Steve Hill concerning his upcoming release Dear Illusion. See the interview and the full album review below:

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February 23, 2021 Deser Trip Review by Paris Move

Desert Trip review in French by Paris Move. Read full review »

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Widely considered one of Canada’s most prolific guitarists, Steve Hill has never stopped delivering wildly ambitious performances and satisfying original albums. Heralded wherever he goes, the guitarist, singer, drummer, harmonica player, songwriter and accomplished producer is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Forget the fact that he has won a Juno award, played concertos with Kent Nagano and the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra, won enough Blues awards to fill a bathtub and walked the boards of too many stages to count throughout his 27-year career, when you stop to hear his music you know you’re listening to the real deal.

A guitar stylist with a wide musical vocabulary, he has performed over 2,500 concerts in many configurations. For the past 8 years he has toured extensively throughout Canada and Europe in support of his critically acclaimed Solo Recordings albums trilogy and one man band show. Steve got his start as an 18-year-old sideman in 1993 and released his first album in 1997. Since then he has shared the stage with many of his heroes, like Ray Charles, B.B. King and ZZ Top, to name a few, and has played at some of Canada’s biggest music festivals. With 11 albums of original songs to his name, he has explored everything from Rock, Country, Folk, and all kinds of music, while continuing to fuse it all with his first love, the Blues.

Blues Album of the year (2015)

Best self-produced CD (2013)

Electric act of the year (2000 – 2014 – 2015)
Entertainer of the year (2014 – 2015)
Guitarist of the year (2014 – 2015)
Album of the year (2014)


  Song name Time  
1 All About the Love 3:53 Buy on iTunes
2 Keep It Together 4:10 Buy on iTunes
3 Everything You Got 3:22 Buy on iTunes
4 Dear Illusion 4:14 Buy on iTunes
5 Steal The Light From You 4:09 Buy on iTunes
6 Don't Let The Truth Get In The Way (Of a Good Story) 5:03 Buy on iTunes
7 Follow Your Heart 3:22 Buy on iTunes
8 So It Goes 2:49 Buy on iTunes
9 She Gives Lessons In Blues 3:51 Buy on iTunes
10 Until Next Time 3:04 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Evening Star 03:24 Buy on iTunes
2 Rain 04:17 Buy on iTunes
3 Days 03:52 Buy on iTunes
4 Out of Phase 4:20 Buy on iTunes
5 Gotta be Strong and Carry On 02:53 Buy on iTunes
6 Coming Back to You 01:40 Buy on iTunes
7 Nothing New 04:08 Buy on iTunes
8 Long Road 02:37 Buy on iTunes
9 Tough Luck 04:06 Buy on iTunes
10 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad 4:57 Buy on iTunes
11 Slowly Slipping Away 3:27 Buy on iTunes
12 Troubled Times 4:23 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Rhythm All Over 3:51
2 Go on 5:09
3 The Collector 3:50
4 Damned 3:46
5 Tough Luck 4:24
6 Never Is Such A Long Time 6:36
7 Hate to See You Go 5:22
8 Emily 4:08
9 Nothing New 4:22
10 Out of Phase 4:20
11 Still Got It Bad 5:29
12 The Ballad of Johnny Wabo 5:21
13 Dangerous 3:56
14 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 7:31
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 Damned 3:19 Buy on iTunes
2 Dangerous 3:47 Buy on iTunes
3 Still a Fool & a Rollin Stone 5:32 Buy on iTunes
4 Slowly Slipping Away 3:27 Buy on iTunes
5 Rhythm All Over 3:39 Buy on iTunes
6 Smoking Hot Machine 4:02 Buy on iTunes
7 Troubled Times 4:23 Buy on iTunes
8 Emily 2:25 Buy on iTunes
9 Can't Take It with You 3:03 Buy on iTunes
10 Rollin & Tumblin / Stop Breaking Down 5:11 Buy on iTunes
11 Going Down the Road Feeling Bad 4:57 Buy on iTunes
12 Walking Grave 5:39 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes Buy Album on Bandcamp
  Song name Time  
1 Still Got It Bad 04:55 Buy on iTunes
2 Slim Chance 03:03 Buy on iTunes
3 Tough Luck 04:06 Buy on iTunes
4 The Collector 03:45 Buy on iTunes
5 Never Is Such a Long Time 04:30 Buy on iTunes
6 Hate to See You Go 04:41 Buy on iTunes
7 Better 04:24 Buy on iTunes
8 Simple Things 04:52 Buy on iTunes
9 I Want You to Love Me 04:23 Buy on iTunes
10 Go On 03:58 Buy on iTunes
11 Long Road 04:05 Buy on iTunes
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  Song name Time  
1 Money (That's What I Want) 03:23 Buy on iTunes
2 Nothing New 04:08 Buy on iTunes
3 Long Road 04:05 Buy on iTunes
4 Go On 03:58 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 Ever Changing World 03:50 Buy on iTunes
2 Love Got Us Blind 03:18 Buy on iTunes
3 Out of Phase 04:10 Buy on iTunes
4 Honey Bee 03:24 Buy on iTunes
5 Comin' Back To You 02:47 Buy on iTunes
6 King of the World 04:29 Buy on iTunes
7 Politician 03:04 Buy on iTunes
8 Gotta be Strong and Carry On 02:53 Buy on iTunes
9 Ain't Wastin' Time No More 03:58 Buy on iTunes
10 The ballad of Johnny Wabo 03:43 Buy on iTunes
11 Preachin Blues 03:09 Buy on iTunes
12 Granted 04:52 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 It Ain't Cool 03:48 Buy on iTunes
2 Goodbye Sunshine 04:39 Buy on iTunes
3 Cold Hearts 03:28 Buy on iTunes
4 Whiplash Love 03:43 Buy on iTunes
5 I'll Walk 04:05 Buy on iTunes
6 Running Out of Time 03:58 Buy on iTunes
7 Burnt 03:52 Buy on iTunes
8 I Fall for You 04:10 Buy on iTunes
9 Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line 03:27 Buy on iTunes
10 Let's Get Back Together 03:50 Buy on iTunes
11 Judgment Day 07:05 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 The One 04:14
2 Who Do You Think You Are 03:12
3 Lost Woman 02:56
4 Up Jumped the Devil 03:06
5 Too Much Pressure 04:16
6 Give Your Woman What She Wants 02:50
7 I'm Dying for You 04:10
8 Sarah-Sue 06:01
9 The Mighty 03:17
10 The Terrible One 04:04
11 I'll Be Around 05:25
12 Going Down 03:15
13 The Fire Down Below 06:54
  Song name Time  
1 NASA Made 03:19 Buy on iTunes
2 Devil at My Heels 03:31 Buy on iTunes
3 Gotta Be Strong 03:04 Buy on iTunes
4 Control 03:41 Buy on iTunes
5 Even 04:30 Buy on iTunes
6 Long Road 02:37 Buy on iTunes
7 Roll Away the Stone 03:09 Buy on iTunes
8 Phoenix 01:10 Buy on iTunes
9 Make It Clear 05:48 Buy on iTunes
10 Get Over You 03:55 Buy on iTunes
11 Happy Face 05:21 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 Bad Boy (featuring Heavy T) 04:09 Buy on iTunes
2 Run 04:21 Buy on iTunes
3 Home 04:42 Buy on iTunes
4 No Can Do 04:22 Buy on iTunes
5 One Woman Man 04:37 Buy on iTunes
6 Faster 04:30 Buy on iTunes
7 The Fall Of The One & Only John Doe 02:08 Buy on iTunes
8 Les Eaux troubles 04:28 Buy on iTunes
9 Chasin' The Hidden Dragon 03:49 Buy on iTunes
10 Open Your Eyes 03:39 Buy on iTunes
11 Irréparables erreurs 03:34 Buy on iTunes
12 Just Have To Ask 05:06 Buy on iTunes
Buy Album on iTunes
  Song name Time  
1 Sizzlin’ 03:05
2 Top Forty 02:29
3 You Can Trust Me Now 03:36
4 Patient Man 04:41
5 Overqualified 04:52
6 Darkest Hour 03:37
7 Slave 05:50
8 Wanna Holler 04:07
9 Whooo! 03:09
10 What a Life 02:50
11 Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You 04:03
12 Wait on Time (Live Bonus Track) 05:17
  Song name Time  
1 Hit the Bee Flat 02:10
2 Way Down Below 05:06
3 Simple Things 04:52
4 Blues Guitar Man 03:38
5 Belvedere Heights 01:33
6 So Long, Farewell, Goodbye 04:17
7 Peace of Mind (intro) 01:41
8 Peace of Mind 05:21
9 I’m a King Bee 04:20
10 Waiting for You 04:44
11 Clearwater 04:27



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