United State of Music: Solo Recordings Volume II Album Review

Steve Hill’s Solo Recordings, Volume 2 is tantalizing. With seductive, smokey guitars and mesmerizing vocals, Hill’s music ensnares the senses with powerful arrangements and instrumentation. After 20 years of making music from his home base in Canada, Hill has globalized his captivating take on the genre of blues rock. Hill’s music has depth, and is heavy with weight of musical density that is showcased on his 8th studio album.

Displaying his expert level ability when it comes to writing music, Hill has taken the time to cleverly craft each arrangement for the tracks of this album. Whether its the gritty, western vibe on “Tough Luck,” or the powerful rock swing on “The Collector,” to the country-blues groove of “Hate To See You Go,” Hill has managed to produce an album with surprises of ingenious musicianship and songwriting. This album has perfectly depicted Hill’s ability to bring power to performance. Whether these songs are to be played in a bar and/or coffee shop, or will be played in a large scale arena for a crowd of thousands of fans, Solo Recordings Volume 2 is a continuation of Hill’s masterclass talents when it comes to creating awesome blues-based rock n roll.

Completely self-produced, Hill shows off his level of music capabilities by recording himself playing each and every instrument heard throughout the entire album. The word “one man band” has been redefined by Hill with the music on all of his albums, but especially through Solo Recordings Volume 2. The operative word for this album is special. Not only because the techniques are special to blues rock music, but special in the same way delicatessens offer a “special of the day” sandwich; it is completely refreshing, and the best choice for getting an abundance of good music in one album package.

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