One man electric band Steve Hill blazes away

CALGARY — This year Quebec guitarist Steve Hill won four Maple Blues Awards in the following categories: Electric Guitar, Guitarist, Recording /Producer and Entertainer. To top it off, he won a 2015 Juno for Blues Album of the Year. Not too shabby, and a big boost for a veteran player whose career has seen better days.

Speaking from his home studio in Montreal, I ask Hill if he’s still basking in the afterglow of his Juno win. “Oh man, I’m looking at it right now. It really helped,” he says. “It’s a Juno! I’ve one a lot of awards, but a Juno is quite a big thing. I’m still psyched about that.”

Before the Juno fame, who was Steve Hill and where did he come from?

“I’ve done many things,” replies Hill. “Started playing at 16 and was doing it as a profession at 18. Put my first album out at 20 in 1997 and eight since then. I’ve done blues rock, stoner rock, country, I’ve done a lot of things. A lot of things here in Quebec.”

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