United State of Music: Solo Recordings Volume II Album Review

Steve Hill’s Solo Recordings, Volume 2 is tantalizing. With seductive, smokey guitars and mesmerizing vocals, Hill’s music ensnares the senses with powerful arrangements and instrumentation. After 20 years of making music from his home base in Canada, Hill has globalized his captivating take on the genre of blues rock. Hill’s music has depth, and is heavy with weight of musical density that is showcased on his 8th studio album.
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Rust Magazine: Solo Recordings Volume 2 review

The operative word when talking about scorchingly hot blues guitarist Steve Hill is Heavy. Not necessarily heavy like heavy metal, but more in the sense that there is a weight to everything he does. There is a density… a mass, and a gravity that means that what he does carries significant, weight and relevance. His talent is deep and his vision is wide, and it all pours out like molten gold in his eigth album Solo Recordings Volume 2.
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Bob Mersereau reviews Solo Recording Vol. 2

Montreal’s Hill is redefining blues, taking it forward and back all at once.  Back to the days of one-man operations, doing it all himself, and taking that forward with up-to-date electric heaviness.  2012 saw him start a new journey with Solo Recordings Vol. 1, stripping it all back to a one-on-one experience with the songs and the listener.  Already recognized as a leading guitar player, Hill grabbed even more cache with a raw, intimate set that was nominated for that year’s Juno.  Volume 2 is richer, deeper, better.

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Blues Underground Network Review Steve Hill’s Solo Recordings Volume 2

Last year Steve Hill treated us to a 4 Track EP called “Solo Recordings Volume 1 1/2” as a nice little teaser in appreciation to all his fans. That particular release was my first intro to Steve Hill and one which I enjoyed enough that I chose it as the Best Canadian Roots and Blues Album in my 2013 Year End Review. Now with the release of “Solo Recordings Volume 2”, all of Steve Hill’s fans including myself get the chance to once again be treated with some more new music from this immensely talented artist.

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Montreal Blues Society: Home Run!

There has been a lot of baseball talk around these parts lately what with a number of groups lobbying to bring a team back to Montreal, and even having the Toronto Blue Jays host a couple of grapefruit league games at the Olympic Stadium. But Jose Bautista was not the only one hammering out home runs recently. Kim Churchill, Matt Andersen, and Steve Hill were doing the same across La Belle Province for a sixteen gig over eighteen day tour that had the three playing on the same stage. I was fortunate enough to have caught the last triple bill show of the tour in Laval. Sadly I did not catch any of the earlier shows. Because once wasn’t enough. Although the three musicians have unique styles, they complement each other and were a perfect trio to put together for a performance. Continue reading

The Gazette: Montreal guitar god Steve Hill conquers blues world with one-man album and tour

Montreal’s Steve Hill is hands-down the meanest guitar player in Canada.

Over the years he has shared the stage with other guitar gods, like Jimmie Vaughan, Buddy Guy, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, B.B. King and Carlos Santana.

Then back in 2012, Hill returned to his blues roots on Solo Recordings – Volume 1, his terrific 12-track solo album that won Best Self-Produced CD at the Memphis International Blues Challenge, 5 trophies at the 11th annual Lys Blues gala – including Blues Album of the Year – and a Juno nomination for Blues Album of the Year.

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